“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” 

Steve Jobs

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Before You Start SEO for Your Web Design Clients

Today’s Search Engine Optimization is so vastly different from just a few short years ago. Technology is moving at the speed of lightning but there are foundational aspects that will always be the cornerstone of search optimization strategies.

So let’s go take a look at 3 Mistakes Developers Make When They Build a Website Without a Plan for Expansion and SEO.

What is SEO in Website Design

A domain name is too broad

Components in SEO Begin With Domain Name

So let’s look at this example of constructionsite.com (this is only an example I have no affiliation with these examples). When you are too general you need a lot of domain authority to rank, especially for your inner pages because the URL is the number one factor in not only ranking but on-page SEO.

If you start building a website with no proper plan in place every page you put on the website is going to be affected by the domain name which is a part of your URL structure that Google bot looks at.

Based on our example of constructionsite.com being more specific like newhomeconstruction.com or remodelingconstruction.com this allows you to laser in on a topic and build your site on relevance.

Anything on the topic of remodeling a kitchen or bathroom relates to the domain will help you build out a quality based site.

Not understanding this first point at the beginning of a website builder that is leading to SEO will create a lot of problems and you will never make a profit because you underpriced yourself in the beginning and you are taking your company profits to give the website what it needs to be competitive online

A planned website allows you to budget properly and charge premium pricing to your clients.

6 Month SEO Plan is Standard

You have probably offer standard website pricing to clients.

There is nothing wrong with doing this at all,  the issues that come from it is when the problems come into play.

Letting the client know upfront that standard website for $200 bucks is not going to help them rank online.

This is not a ranking website it is more of a brochure-style website.

What this does is eliminate the headache of a client coming back later and saying but I want you to rank this website online after the fact.

Now I’m not saying it can’t be done but a lot of work that should have been addressed upfront will have to take place plus the client is not going to understand why your fees for SEO are higher when the website has already been created.

Not thinking about expansion for SEO.

Phases of SEO

This directly relates to the second point made earlier. giving your clients options for standard websites when you know they are going to want to grow is going to become a huge money-draining headache later.

So you don’t want a domain that is too broad but you also may not want one that’s too specific for example huntsvilleroofer.com.

Your client does roofing but also does construction.

What are you going to do if they approach you later asking you to rank them for roofing and plumbing work?

Now with no concise plan in place, you are being forced to work with a website you built for them and they have no foundational understanding of why you can’t take that same website as is and make it work for both situations.

It takes resources to build authority for both topics and once again this should be laid out upfront

Before you start any website design project get your plan together first.

See what the client’s long term goals are first.

Talk about their skills and how far they plan to reach their audience online. Do they have the infrastructure in place to accommodate different areas in their business at this time and what is their budget for moving forward?

Is this a one and done situation or so they plan to expand and drive traffic to their website after it’s finished.

This should give you a clear understanding of how to begin new website design with SEO in mind for more information on this topic and free website analysis!