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What Makes a Website Rank Locally in Huntsville

SEO Rankings are very important in today’s online landscape. What is one of the main factors that give local businesses an edge online and help them outrank their competition?

What is a Local SEO Citation?

The NAP of a local business is considered to be a part of your online identity for your business.

This stands for Name, Address, and Phone number. When this information is listed in online directories, it helps Google to determine your online authority and as well as what your online business is relevant to in the form of a subject matter.

NAP is a critical component when it comes to local and organic search results. It helps search engines determine what businesses are listed in certain geo-targeted areas.

For instance, if you are on a mobile device searching for a business, the search engines want to give you the most relevant search in your area.

Have you ever searched for something and realized a business that you know for a fact is closer but the results show you business much further away from you. That generally means that Google or whatever search engine you are using does not know about that business because it does not have their NAP listed in local business citations.

Citations also help searchers find your business after they have entered a keyword search phrase in the search engine. Having these citations in place has a direct influence on your website’s rankings.

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What Makes Local Citations Important?

When Google recognizes your NAP on another website they have a trust value with, they then feel trustworthy of your website. Google searches the internet constantly looking for local business information.

This form of SEO provides searchers with what they want, when they want and need it.

Citations help with this to become possible. Your business may be very popular from a word of mouth standpoint but Google looks to citations to better understand what your business is about.

Every local business does not understand how to build links and Google knows that. They don’t want to penalize you because your website does not having any links attached to it so citations give them a way of building trust and authority with your online presence.

What is Link Building with Citations?

Many citations will give you the option to link your website, this is key because the NAP shows up within the citation website and it will and can be recognized by Google for trust and authority.

Believe it or not many local businesses are not listed in citations and have no idea how important they are to their online business presence.

Negating something like this can be one of the reasons your website is not functioning as the traffic driving machine you designed it to be and many web designers are not aware of SEO practices when they build your website.

What does a citation audit mean?

A citation audit has a few different meanings and findings.

It can find duplicate information listed within a citation itself, sometimes a business has a name change and they have not updated the listing so their NAP information is inconsistent, which is not a good thing because it confuses the search engines, and sometimes an audit shows your business is not listed locally at all.

This means your business is missing out on a lot of organic search traffic. Google cannot send individuals to a location they know nothing about. The example I used above with the search deeming a listing that is miles away but you know a business that is closer to you….that business needs a citation audit!

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