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How Meta Data Works in the Search Engines

Do you create beautiful websites and neglect the meta data for your clients websites?

As websites become the next big thing in business marketing web designers are very busy creating awe dropping web designs for their clients but what do clients really want other than a beautiful web design they want leads and one thing they don’t understand is that a beautiful website does not bring new clients.

The behind the screens of a website is the thing that matters to the search engines not the beauty of the website in fact Google can’t see any images unless you tell google what the images is about ( you are making sure you add alt text to every website you build aren’t you).

So what do you do to add more search opportunities to your clients websites without having to truly understand SEO, one thing that will help is making sure the meta data is focused on actionable keywords.

How can you persuade someone to come to your website before they get there… through google of course. I hope you read my blog about the importance of linking your clients websites to google search console. I talked about the queries that give you an indication of what people are looking for in your niche market. One of the things you should be doing as a web developer is using those queries as actionable meta data keywords.

So before we get into the logistics of how to add these actionable keywords into your meta data let’s define what meta dat actually is.

How does meta data work?

Search engine looks at the html header on a webpage

Metadata is one part of the html header

Now here is the thing your client doesn’t know but expects you to know. They can’t see the html code but they assume when you build their website you are adding html code to their website in order for leads to come in right? This is how you can raise your web design prices and get away from that standard $299.00 pricing.

Now back to the metadata, the search engines can see this data. This is information the crawlers use to index the website and rank it. Your metadata must be relevant to the overall theme of the webpage… EACH PAGE HAS ITs OWN META DATA

This my friend attracts free organic traffic and improves your clients ranking in the search engines.

What are the 3 types of metadata

The Solution:

  • Title tags : now this is NOT your headline title this is the title of a page, remember this is HTML code not something that can be seen by your client but the searcher will see it and hopefully click. So if your main query is added to the relevant page title tag there is a good chance you will gain more traffic
  • Meta descriptions: this is a paragraph that the Google bot sees as well as the searcher in a place called a snippet. Now let’s keep things simple and just add a plugin to your WordPress site called All In One SEO or Yoast SEO… either one of these will help you with the meta description. Remember earlier we mentioned those actionable queries that begin with “How or Best”. Make sure you use those within your meta description
  • Meta tag: this one is tricky! You really have to use these terms in a natural manner and not stuff keywords in your content. Doing so will get your clients site penalized and that’s not a good thing.