Image SEO is an important part of your digital marketing strategy

Image SEO is a great way to ensure that your images are optimized for search engines. Alt text, captions and file dimensions all have an impact on how well they rank in SERPs so it’s important not just from the image itself but also with any content surrounding them as well!

It can help you get more traffic and visitors on the internet!

It refers to optimizing images for search engines through thoughtful alt text, appropriate captions that relate back with what’s being shown in a photo or video clip (good file dimensions), as well making sure there aren’t any keywords overused throughout these tags – this will give Google less noise so they hear out better when trying find specific terms from its user base…which means higher ranking websites due up top during searches involving those words

Image SEO is a technique used to make your images more visible on the internet.

Google judges all of your content to determine where you should rank.

This includes anything that has an image, including images themselves and how they’re used on a page or blog post for SEO purposes such as providing context about what’s being shown in the picture along with its purpose so people searching online can find relevant information more easily.

Images are key to SEO because they can add context and weighty visual appeal for your page.

In general, Google will rank all content involving images — so you needn’t worry about which type or size features most!

Just make sure that each element involved plays well together by providing information on what’s being shown in the picture as well its purpose (elements like captions) when possible; this helps ensure higher rankings from search engines

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