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Do You Need to Learn SEO for Your Web Design Agency in Huntsville?

Noise everywhere… who do you listen to when it comes to learning SEO strategies. As a web designer that delivers SEO strategies to clients, listen I understand the noise of the internet can be pretty loud these days. Everyone claiming to be a guru so it’s challenging to find someone you can trust that that truly knows what they are doing online.

Learning how to rank your client’s websites not only makes your clients happy but this will give you recurring revenue. This stops your one and done business model with you having to find another client or depend on a referral from an existing client. SEO strategies brings your once one-time client into a contract that could last from 3 -6 month or possibly 12 months in recurring monthly revenue.

How does that sound to have one client continue to pay you over and over a month after month because you helped their phones start to ring? SEO is a layered process, it can go as deep as you desire to learn or you can just learn the basics and start now with your clients to help them drive that online traffic to their business that they desire to have.


Clients in the Tennessee Valley want SEO to drive traffic to their website?

Search engine optimization is the new buzz word in digital marketing these days. When you probably first learned to build websites the internet was a more static existence for the website itself. More of a virtual brochure.

Your clients could add the link to their business cards and verbally tell customers about their website to find more information about their business. Things have drastically changed online these days.

Many customers defer to the internet first before they make any buying decisions and if your client is not receiving the traffic from those potential clients they are essentially losing money. It is no longer just enough for you to have beautiful web designs now SEO is becoming the standard as well.

These days many people are opting to do their own template based drag and drop websites so as a web developer you know how important it is to keep your business flourishing and up to date with technology.

Clients that are trusting you to develop their websites now want and need more from you than just a pretty website…. after all, they need a website to show customers what they do but if the customer can’t find them their website is useless. So how do you solve that problem, find a course or product that will teach you how to help you in that area.

How SEO Works In Websites

  1. Always look at their URL structure. This is something many people miss. The URL structure on a website gives Google bot the direction in which the information is supposed to flow. If you stumble upon a page about SEO training and the URL structure has a bunch of numbers within it, dates, and keywords without a category within a blog or no post name within the URL structure as well. The likelihood that this person probably doesn’t know any more than you do about SEO strategies.
  2. Look at the anchor text within the content you are reading about. If the person has generic text highlighted for you to click into versus text that is similarly related to the page they link back out to then this person is a very general basic SEO person. High performing SEO consultants understand the language of google and they know how the algorithms pick up signals within a website. Hyperlinks are an indication to the Google bot that more information is being shared but if the person doesn’t use semantic keywords they do not truly understand the depth of important the links truly are for the page content.
  3. The use of images or videos within a page is vital as well. If the supposed expert does not use images that describe the content or a video within the content itself then this person once again is using old strategies that may stick to the wall every now and then. Performance-based SEO experts understand that blogs and page content is prime real estate for potential clients to find their information. Positioning images and video on web pages is key to search engine optimization strategies.

You should now feel pretty good about being able to start the process of SEO for your clients. You now have GMB instructions to follow. This is something you can do today for your clients. Actually it can be an add on to increase your normal design pricing as a bonus feature after your website is complete.​

The act of helping them become acknowledged within a Googles search engine is a huge one. Something that can create things such as geo-targeted traffic just by a person simply pulling out their cell phone looking for a local business that’s just like your clients. The GMB listing also gives your client a way to post offers and deals on Google. If they are a restaurant they can post lunch specials or showcase their beautiful dishes. GMB also gives its clients a way to rate them online which is something Google loves.

You also should feel really good now about being able to narrow down who you want to learn SEO from. Understanding a person doesn’t understand URL structure and content structure such as images and how to link out to other pages they probably aren’t going to teach you very much as far as SEO is concerned. You should feel more at ease about making the selection. Our team of website consultants at mclambgroupmedia.com is trained to take your web design skills to another level in 2019.

Want to Learn SEO from a Pro?

If you are looking for a person such as that then you should reach out and give us a call. We will be more than happy to spend time with you on a Discovery Call to find out what your needs are at this time for SEO learning.

Do Your Verify and Optimize Your Clients GMB listing?

Are you working with local clients that need a Google My Business page as well? Local businesses have to be set up properly online. These days it’s not just about internet visibility but also following the steps to make Google acknowledge your website actually exists. Google my business is one of those first steps in doing just that. But you must understand there are steps to setting up google my business properly.

Missing these key steps could cost your client to fall short locally and give their competition the traffic versus them receiving a phone call or visit their brick and mortar storefront. For instructions of setting up Google My Business and why customers finding your clients on Google help them receive that traffic they are desiring

google my business instructions for local business

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